• About Epimedium
  • How does Epimedium work ?
    Epimedium is a Chinese herb traditionally used to treat fatigue and sexual problems. Cancer patients may experience symptoms of sexual dysfunction such as painful intercourse, loss of libido, and ability to maintain arousal. These problems can be caused by many factors: stress, emotional distress, hormone changes, as well as various cancer treatments. Initial results suggest that a special blend of Epimedium may help prevent bone loss, but more studies are needed.

    Epimedium may affect hormone levels, and should be avoided in patients with hormone-sensitive cancers or those with heart disease.

    Main Uses:

    Epimedium is traditionally used for fatigue but it has not been studied in clinical trials.

    A small randomized trial shows that Epimedium may help prevent bone loss in women who have had menopause for a long time.

    Sexual dysfunction
    Epimedium is traditionally used in herbal formulas for sexual dysfunction. More studies are needed to verify such effects.